Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to refrigerate Tropical Passage beverages?

    Good question! Our beverages have 36% juice, which means, YES. They need to be kept in the fridge.

  • Will you be adding flavors to your product line?

    Our R&D department is working on some exciting stuff and we hope to have news soon. In fact, if you’d like to receive news and promotions about Tropical Passage by email, you can sign up for notifications here. Is there a flavor you’re craving? Contact us and let us know!

  • Are there artificial flavors in your beverage?

    Nope—we’re proud to say that all the flavorings are natural.

  • Are there artificial colors in your beverage?

    Nope—all the colors we use are natural.

  • How many calories are there in Tropical Passage beverages?

    Only 50 calories per serving! Check out our “Better for You” page to see how we stack up to the competition and why we’re a healthier option.